When I give to CO Charleston where does the money go and how is it used?

Any giving to Campus Outreach Charleston staff is a donation to the ministry that we then use to pay that staff person’s salary. Campus Outreach Charleston and East Cooper Baptist Church are 501(c)3, tax-deductible organizations. The funds you give are placed in a support account designated for the staff member you are supporting and will only be used to fund that staff’s salary, taxes, and benefits, such as health insurance. The funds in their support account can also be used to cover some ministry expenses such as mileage to a ministry event, providing their support account is healthy. Staff are responsible for maintaining their fundraising and making sure their support account keeps a positive balance.


What role does East Cooper Baptist Church play in CO Charleston staff support?

All CO Charleston staff are employees of East Cooper Baptist Church. ECBC houses all the funds given to support CO Charleston staff and conducts all the accounting necessary to pay staff. ECBC also gives to support the administrative costs of CO Charleston. When you support a CO Charleston staff member you will receive a statement at the frequency of your donation for all your giving to CO Charleston and East Cooper Baptist Church.


How can I give monthly by check?

If you wish to support a staff member one time or monthly by check you can mail a check to:

ATTN: Campus Outreach
361 Egypt Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Simply write the staff member’s name in the memo line so we can be sure it goes to the right place. With your check, you can include a note to indicate whether this is a one-time gift or monthly reoccurring pledge. If you wish to give monthly Campus Outreach Charleston will send you a statement each month noting how much you have given so far and what is remaining on your pledge for the year. This is only to help you keep track of your giving and does not obligate you to finish the pledge. The letter also contains a return receipt and envelope to send in your next monthly check.


Can I give to students for scholarships for Campus Outreach events?

Yes. You can give generally to a CO Charleston event or specifically to a student to attend one of our events. This includes the Summer Leadership Project, New Years Conference, Winter Retreat, and any campus events that have a registration fee. You can mail a check to the same address above (Question 3) with the student’s name and event in the memo line or give online as a one-time gift.

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